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Celebrate the Lantern Festival with Flash Mob Chorus

Celebrating the Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival folk festival. It originated in the Han Dynasty. People celebrate it to continue the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

In this year, WFC celebrated the Lantern Festival with tenants in an inventive way and give tenants the blessing.

On March 28,, we surprised the tenants in the building with a flash mob song named "The moon represents my heart", this mild singing quickly attracted the eyes of the tenant. As the music sounded, “The thought of you”, “Take you to travel”, "Jasmine", "Clapping you hand“, the songs, which are familiar to each other, were performed by the Key Signature Chorus and attracted the tenants to watch and cheer. Some tenants can't help singing the songs together and take out their cameras or phones to leave this unforgettable moment. At the end of the activity, a famous song “Joyful Chinese New Year” attracted all to participate and, bring the atmosphere to a climax.

Following the custom, people eat sweet dumplings in Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month. WFC also prepared sweet dumplings for everyone on that day. With a gentle bite, sweet and sweet filling, soft and sweet glutinous rice, it is the taste of home. WFC invited her tenants to line up to receive this gift of love.

Here, WFC wish every tenant good luck and happy in the New Year.


Singers are providing surprise performance for WFC tenants
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Chinese Zither performance
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Chorus bring the atmosphere to a climax
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Beautiful melody echo in WFC
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Sweet dumpling attract tenants attention
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